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OCC consultation letter

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A resident has reported receiving a call, purportedly from her “local council” (the caller knew it was Hanborough), asking if a representative could visit her at home to provide a “button” for £1 that would allow her to reach a single point of contact to deal with multiple emergencies, including prescription collections. She has reported the incident to the police and other relevant authorities and wanted us to be aware. 

Parish Council Covid 19 Update 23 April

Parish Council Helpline 01993 651344

There has been a great deal going on in the village to support the vulnerable and self-isolating. Thank you to everyone who has volunteered in some way or just done the right thing and kept us all safe by acknowledging Government guidelines by staying at home and when out observing the distancing rules. Our parish has been held up as a beacon to other villages in our quick response to the situation and shows what amazing things can be done when we all pull together. 

Thank you to Merilyn and Stacey for organising all the street champions and managers and all the wonderful support and work that they have been doing. It has been amazing.

The Parish Council have been working hard on the Helpline 01993 651344. This helpline is monitored between 9 am and 9 pm everyday of the week. The Helpline can be called if:

a) you haven’t been able to get hold of your street manager/champion and you need help with shopping/posting, etc 

b) you know that a prescription is due to be picked up on a certain day or the pharmacy have instructed you to phone the Helpline re a prescription drop off. 

When you phone, listen to the recorded message and then leave your message after the tone. A Parish Council volunteer will pick up your call and phone you back to get more details and talk through your request. It may not be straightaway but we aim to reply within a few hours at most.

The Parish Council has been liaising with the pharmacy and has organised twice weekly drop offs of prescriptions Tuesday and Thursday evenings after 5 pm. These drop offs are being carried out by village volunteers who have a strict protocol to follow to ensure your safety at all times. Delivering in this way reduces queues at the pharmacy and keeps pharmacy staff safe. In the past few weeks, volunteers have delivered dozens of prescriptions and expect to deliver hundreds more over the coming weeks.

Thank you to all the volunteers who have made all this possible.

Stay safe!

Hanborough Manor Primary School Expansion - Public Consultation for Planning

As part of the Hanborough Manor Primary School expansion project, OCC's contractor, Morgan Sindall, will be carrying out a letter drop as part of the public consultation for the planning application which they will be submitting.

OCC had intended to hold a public consultation meeting, but given the current situation with Covid-19 this is not possible for the foreseeable future.

Above is a copy of the letter which will be going out to all residents within a small radius of the school. OCC will also be requesting that the school issues the attached consultation information to the parents/guardians of all pupils, who either currently attend the school or have been offered places at the school from September 2020.

Please feel free to forward the attached to any interested parties.

James Bolt MCIOB, Project Manager, Oxfordshire County Council


Hanborough Parish Council Covid-19 Update

The current threat facing our community is immense, and, with every news release, becoming more worrying. At the time of writing, the Prime Minister has just announced schools will close, and organisations like Amazon are reorganising to focus on food supply. Whilst government guidelines must form the first line of advice, the Parish Council have considered what role they should play and how as individuals we should help the parish we live in.

We have formed an emergency group that will now be meeting (online) on a daily basis and will take daily event inputs and direct local action where it can best be applied. This group is led by Niels Chapman, backed up by Jo Feehily and Steve Page. Members that will backup and deputise are Lucy Tritton, Jeff Borer, Penelope Marcus, Rod Fraser, Ellen Armitage, Mike Franklin, Rich Fuller, Kerry Scarlett, Jon Gammage and Adrian Edwards.

Supporting this group, a limited membership (~50 members) Facebook group has been set up by Jo Feehily, which brings in strategic volunteers who will be able to liaise with the pharmacy and support those who are not connected to Social Media.

Our District Councillor Merilyn has created a Facebook group for Street Champions who will act as first contacts for isolated people who need help. Every household should get a leaflet delivered by their street champion later this week telling them how to get help from the initiatives put in place.  Along with the contact details for your local champion, there will also be a central Hanborough helpline number 01993 651344 as a fallback in case you aren’t able to get through to your Champion. The helpline will be managed by the Parish Councillors listed above, with Jo Feehily’s help. HPC volunteers will then react to the message, and direct to someone who can help.

Do check out the community website Hanboroughcommunity.co.uk and the Hanborough villages Facebook page for updates.

We are also working on what we can do to alleviate the undoubted hardship that is going to affect many of us in the months to come. 

More updates will be given as we know more. In the meantime, please observe the guidelines on social distancing as everyone needs to play a part if we are to keep the pressure off the NHS and allow them to save more lives of those we love.

Niels Chapman, Steve Page, Jo Feehily 18/3/2020

S106 money Presentation Day

Saturday 14 March 2020 at 10.00 am to 4.00 pm at The Pavilion

Hanborough Parish Council would like to invite all residents of the parish to a presentation of possible options as to how we, as the villages of Long Hanborough and Church Hanborough, spend our allocation of S106 money.  

Section 106 money is money given by developers to the community to lessen the strain on our infrastructure from the impact of new developments. The three large housing developments in our community will therefore generate S106 money, some of which is set aside for provision of recreation facilities. 

At the presentation there will be laid out some ideas the parish council have and how they have arrived at these ideas. We would very much value your thoughts on these and we also want to know your own thoughts on how this money could be best spent to benefit our community.

This is a great opportunity for the parish to enhance its recreational facilities and this is your chance to have an impact on what direction that takes.

We look forward to seeing you.

Hanborough Parish Council



Use of Section 106 Recreation Funding

As explained in last August’s Hanborough Herald, about £550,000 of Section 106 funding for recreation will become available to the parish over the next few years. Hanborough Parish Council (HPC) proposes to split this money between one large infrastructure project, in the shape of a new community building, and a number of relatively minor projects, which will be taken forward by community groups (we expect bids from Hanborough Playing Fields Association, the Community Association, the Bowls Club and perhaps one or two others – there is an application form on HPC’s website, with criteria for how these bids will be assessed).

HPC’s reasons for putting a large proportion of the Section 106 money, £450,000, towards a new building will be obvious to many residents: first, depending on the fabric of existing buildings, refurbishment alone cannot take us far enough towards being able to meet future demands; and secondly, a new building has the advantage that it can be designed from scratch, without having to compromise because of what is already in place. Current provision in the parish works brilliantly to serve our existing community, but we shall need to provide more (and different) space for our future community.   

Hanborough’s rapid growth in population will not just bring a 33% increase in the volume of residents wanting to use recreational facilities: an influx of so many people in the space of a few years will present new challenges to our community’s cohesion, requiring more diverse provision to address residents’ needs and priorities. Many more children than is currently the case will have to go to schools elsewhere and many incoming adults will have no social connections. 

What can we do to foster a sense of belonging? HPC believes that a new community building could be part of the answer. Perhaps it could have drop-in times for various age or interest groups, as well as designated activity times? Which functions would you like it to perform: social, educational, exercise, sports (other than those already provided for), arts, entertainment? Do you have an opinion on what its main emphasis should be? Let us know in writing, then HPC will convene a public meeting to discuss ideas and identify priorities.

Write to us at: niels.chapman@hanborough-pc.gov.uk 



S106 Grant Terms and Application Form.doc
Grant application form