Parish Councillors and Officers



If you wish to contact any of the councillors or oficers by email then click on the 'Contact' link below their name and you will be able to complete a form with your details and any information you wish to supply and this will be sent to the councillor in question.

Martin Barrow-Starkey. Tel.: 882678 email:

Michael Franklin. Tel.: 684549 email:

Rod Fraser.   Tel.: 880195 email:

Rich Fuller.  Tel: 880337 email:

Gill Grahame.  Tel: 881805 email:

Penelope Marcus (chair).   Tel: 07718 763714 email:

Sam Newman Tel: 07879 896380 email:

Steve Page.   Tel: 07703 545349 email:

Kerry Scarlett.  Tel: 881160 email:

Lucy Tritton.  Tel: 881597 email:

Stacey White-Rose.  Tel: 07766 011460 email: 

District & County Councillors supporting Hanborough Parish Council

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Alaa Al-Yousuf
District Councillor

Tel: 01993 880 689


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Liam Walker
County Councillor

Mob: 07850014350


Dr Lidia Arciszewska

District Councillor

Tel: 01993 882427



Jon Gammage
Parish Clerk


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Adrian Edwards
Finance, Planning, Allotments & Cemetery